Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions some of our customers have been asking us about our Product Feed.

Think of it as a story or a timeline. Quick pictures will be posted to the Product Feed and then automatically expire after a certain time.

Based on research and customer feedback, we found this as a perfect way to showcase what we've already been doing on WhatsApp with Our Network customers since the beginning of 2017. The content is live and accurate, if you see it on the feed, it will be available instore.

This service is only available on invitation for customers who have visited us and purchased from our store.

Our team will post updates directly from our store based on our incoming stock.
There are two main albums, pictures from both will be shown on the homepage of the feed.

  • New products - expire after 30 days
  • Returning stock - expires after 7 days
  • Daily updates, such as current coal stock levels - expires after 1 day
  • Time limited general content, such as information or local communications - expire as appropriate

Not at the moment sorry, but we are working on this.

You would need to pop in to the store. Each picture has a button which let's you call us directly to get a few more details or pop in (directions are given using Google Maps).

Of course, we encourage you to spread the word. We suggest you share our main link or you can also share each individual product using different social media platforms (including WhatsApp) directly from the page of the product.

Panic. Only joking! Rest assured we buy our stock in bulk so simply get in touch and we'll give you an update on the stock levels.

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